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The most important feature of children’s closets is a flexible design, one which grows with your children. Shelves and drawers are adjustable, featuring baskets for loose items. Adjustable sections allow for small clothes to make way for longer garments.

Triple hanging sections that start at 25” can be adjusted as your child grows, changing over to double hanging for longer clothes. Baskets slide out on rollers and can be easily removed for quick clean up jobs.

"Thank you for supporting the education of our fine young students and Heritage Christian Academy . Your donation of the closet for the silent auction helped raised valuable dollars for children at the academy. We are extremely grateful for your participation and feel blessed to have such companies in our neighborhood.

Thank you again for helping us make this auction a successful event. It takes the time, support and talents of many people like you."

Laura, about their closet gift in Maple Grove, MN

closets minnesota
closets minnesota
closet organization minneapolis st paul minnesota mn

Closet Organization

Storage needs vary from person to person. Whether you have hats, dresses or an entire closet full of shoes our custom closets can manage your storage. Our systems are fully adjustable to accommodate almost any of your changing storage needs. Shelves and rods can be easily moved up or down. We offer divided drawers, belt and tie racks, adjustable cubbies and velvet lined jewelry trays to make finding accessories easier than ever.

With a luxurious custom closet design, you will:

  • Find what you need when you need it.
  • Use existing space to store a great deal more.
  • Improve your peace of mind and self-confidence with less clutter around your home.
  • Enjoy the benefit that properly stored clothes last longer.
  • Add a valuable home upgrade that is guaranteed for as long as you own your home.

Closets For Life

closets minnesota
closets minnesota

Closets For Life

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